Twistmas Codes 2013

Twistmas Codes 2013

I bet you Moshi Monsters fans are looking for Twistmas Codes 2013 and it is nearly that time of year again – it is nearly Christmas!!! So that must mean that Moshi Monsters are planning a 12 days of Twistmas right? Well, we are not really sure if there will be a 12 days of Twistmas this year but we can keep our fingers crossed for loads of Moshi gifts, Twistmas Codes 2013 and loads of cool new Christmas or Twistmas Moshlings.

In the meantime while we are waiting for some Twistmas Codes 2013 and to get your monsters room ready of Christmas we have found a whole bunch of codes that will get you and your Moshi Monster in the Christmas spirit! Especially, heck out the Twistmas Snowball. It looks like a Twistmas Cracker but if If you put it in your Monsters room it changes to a snowball and if you click on the snow ball you get a cool snow storm going on…

Twistmas Codes 2013

Twistmas Snowball – ICY33

Twistmas Banner - TWISTMASTIME

Twistmas Kandy Kanes – TWISTYTIME

Snow Machine – MACHINE40

Twistmas Bauble – BAUBLE41

Twistmas Candycane – CANE15

Twistmas Door – DOOR42

Twistmas Floor – FLOOR11

Twistmas Lamp – DEER9

Twistmas Lights – LIGHTS30

Twistmas Scare Bear – TEDDY23

Twistmas Stocking – STOCKING12

Twistmas Tree 2012 – TREE47

Twistmas Wallpaper – PAPER18

Twistmas Window – WINDOW44

Moshi Twistmas Poster – BARFMALLOWS


The Ghost of Twistmas Past – MERRY

The Ghost of Twistmas Future – YULELOG

The Ghost of Twistmas Present – GIFTWRAP

Twistmas Robin - ROBINRED1

Twistmas Door – TWISTDOOR1

Twistmas Window - TWISTWINDOW1

Twistmas Wreath – TWISTWREATH

Twistmas Stocking – STOCKING5

Twistmas Candycane 2012 – CANDYCANE3

Twistmas Toy Soldier – TOYSOLDIER1

We hope you enjoy using these Twistmas Codes 2013 this Christmas and don’t forget to share them with your friends!! Also, let us know what you think of the Moshi Movie which hits our cinemas on the 20th of December. Here is a link to the the Moshi Movie site that tells you about the Movie, the charters and there should be some cool downloads coming real soon!

If we do here anything about the 12 days of Twistmas 2013 this year, any more Twistmas Codes 2013, or anything else we will let you know and hopefully keep you up to date with all the latest Moshi Monsters Codes. Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Twistmas Song

It’s TWISTMAS time again! so we can not stop singing the Moshi Twistmas Song. If you want to sing the Moshi Twistmas Song watch the Moshi Twistmas Song music video on this page, then if you want to you can click the button below to download and print out your very own lyrics sheet so you can sing along. Easy!

We keep hearing our Dad walking around the house humming the Moshi Twistmas Song too, because we play it so much, so that just goes to prove how catchy this fantastic Moshi Monsters really song is!! You never know, if enough of us Moshi Monsters fans play it on our computers, maybe the whole world will be singing it before long!!!

Have a very merry and amazing Moshi Twistmas!! Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Twistmas Song

Great Moshi White Twistmas 2012

Hi everyone, it’s getting very close to Christmas now and we are getting very excited about it, especially when we found out about the Great Moshi White Twistmas 2012. We are sure that there will be lots and lots of codes and extra cool stuff happening in the Moshi Monsters game in Monstro City. If it’s anything like as good as Twistmas last year it will be amazing! With all the songs, games and movies to watch.

This is what the folks over at Moshi Monsters are saying about it on the Moshi Monsters website…

Did you know that there’s a Great White Furi who lives up on Stumpy Peak in the CloudyCloth Mountains? Around this time of year, his allergies start acting up. When that happens, the Great White Furi sneezes. And when the Great White Furi sneezes, Monstro City gets COVERED in… Well, let’s just call it “snow.”

Great Moshi White Twistmas 2012

Isn’t it BEEEEAUTIFUL? I just LUUUURVE snot snow! I love the way it crunches under my boots, the way it looks nestled in the tree branches, and of course SNOWBALLS! What’s YOUR favourite thing about the fluffy white stuff? Comment on THIS blog and tell me!

It all sounds very exciting at this most exciting time of year! and we can’t wait!! We will keep you all as up to date as we can about Great Moshi White Twistmas 2012 codes, secrets, games, missions and stuff – if you find anything out then lets us know and we will put it on our Moshi Monsters Codes website.

It is only two weekends away now from when they switch the Christmas lights on in our local town, then it will start feeling even more Christmassy and even more exciting!! We hope you have a Great Moshi White Twistmas 2012. Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Monsters Twistmas Song!

Merry Twistmas, everybody! Here’s the Moshi Monsters Twistmas Song! The Moshi Twistmas Single will be available on iTunes on December 11th. Max & Rosie :0)