How To Feed Your Moshi Monster

When your Moshi Monster gets hungry, it will be unhappy. If you want to make your Moshi Monster happy, give it some food!

Unhappy and hungry Moshi Monsters will sulk and throw tantrums, and will be no very happy with you. Everybody needs to eat, as well you and us. Moshi Monsters do too! 

So, here’s how to feed your Moshi Monster – Max & Rosie :0)

The Gross-ery Store

You can buy food for your Moshi Monster at the Gross-ery store on Main Street. It’s pronounced just like Grocery Store, but because it’s for Moshi Monster, it’s Gross – EEEWWWWW.

You can buy food for as little as 3 Rox. If you don’t have enough, just get some more Rox.

Once you have bought the food for your Moshi Monster, go back to your home, click on your treasure chest and drag the food into your Moshi Monster’s mouth. It will eat it. Yummy!

It takes quite a lot of food to make your Moshi Monster full, so make sure you buy enough. If you buy too much, it’s okay, you can feed the leftovers to it later.