The Great Twistmas Giveaway

To help us celebrate Christmas this year Moshi Monsters are doing The Great Twistmas Giveaway. Moshi Monsters are giving us a new secret code every day as part of The Great Twistmas Giveaway until the 5th of January, so that loads of Moshi Monsters codes for all of us Moshi Monsters fans.

The Great Twistmas Giveaway

The Great Twistmas Giveaway is on the part of the Moshi Monsters game when you log in everyday. If you have missed one though do not worry because we will be posting them on this page so you do not miss any of the cool Moshi Monsters codes.

‘Twas the day before Twistmas and all through the city
There was snow on the ground and the shops looked so pretty
The volcano went BOOM and the Twistmassy streets
Were suddenly strewn with goopendous free treats!

Here are The Great Twistmas Giveaway Codes…

Day 1: Chocolate Poppet – FAIRYLIGHTS

Day 2: 50 Rox – STOCKING

Day 3: Chocolate Katsuma – CAROLSINGER

Day 4: Hocus Crocus Seed – ICICLES

Day 5: The Ghost of Twistmas Future – YULELOG

Day 6: The Ghost of Twistmas Past – MERRY

Day 7: The Ghost of Twistmas Present – GIFTWRAP

Day 8: Melting Snowman – CHIMNEY

Day 9: Splurgee Burdock Seed – SNOWFLAKE

Day 10: 50 Rox – TINSEL

Day 11: Non-Drip Moss Seed – REDNOSE

Day 12: 50 Rox – NORTHPOLE

Day 13: Iced Hoodoo – NORTHSTAR

Day 14: Glamellia Seed – 2014

Day 15: New Year Banner 2014 – PRESENTS

Day 16: 50 Rox – MINCEPIES

Day 17: Ra-Tichoke Seed – SNOWBALL

Day 18: 50 Rox – REINDEER

Don’t forget to tell your friends about these cool Christmas codes and whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you have a great time and we hope you get lots and lots of cool presents!!! Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Monsters Music app

Moshi Monsters Music app

Moshi Monsters are always expanding into all kinds of crazy stuff and they now have have just released a new Moshi Monsters Music app that you can download for your iphone, ipad or ipod touch. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5 which means it will work best with this product. It will also work with the other products but it may not be as good? Let us know what you think – Max & Rosie :0)

So, get ready for the OFFICIAL Moshi Monsters Music app, which is FREE! It’s crammed with music videos from a goopendous array of Moshi characters!

Follow the on-screen lyrics in the Moshi Monsters Music app as you sing along to insanely catchy songs by your favourite Moshi gooperstars, from Zack Binspin and Blingo to Coco Loco, Iggy and Big Bad Bill. These vids are monsterific!

Moshi Monsters Music app

As a fangtastic extrain the Moshi Monsters Music app, you can also check out the official trailer for Moshi Monsters The Movie! Which you can read about in our Moshi Monsters – The Movie post or visit the website at

Moshi Monsters Music: it’s the must-have app for every Moshi fan. Let’s Rox!

The Key features of the Moshi Monsters Music app are:

• Watch monsterific Moshi music videos on your mobile devices!
• Includes the Zack Binspin smash, Head over Heels!
• Sing along to eye-popping Moshi music videos!
• Check out the official lyrics!
• Watch the official trailer for Moshi Monsters The Movie!

Moshi Monsters Music is available globally:

• For your iPhone/iTouch HERE 

• For your iPad HERE 

• For your Android HERE 

• For your Kindle HERE 

Oh yeah! and the Moshi Monsters Music app is totally FREE, so what’s not to like?! Download your copy today!

Moshi Monsters Music app

Which Moshi character do you think should star in a new music video? Let us know below and we will let the guys at Moshi Monsters know you know!


Twistmas Codes 2013

Twistmas Codes 2013

I bet you Moshi Monsters fans are looking for Twistmas Codes 2013 and it is nearly that time of year again – it is nearly Christmas!!! So that must mean that Moshi Monsters are planning a 12 days of Twistmas right? Well, we are not really sure if there will be a 12 days of Twistmas this year but we can keep our fingers crossed for loads of Moshi gifts, Twistmas Codes 2013 and loads of cool new Christmas or Twistmas Moshlings.

In the meantime while we are waiting for some Twistmas Codes 2013 and to get your monsters room ready of Christmas we have found a whole bunch of codes that will get you and your Moshi Monster in the Christmas spirit! Especially, heck out the Twistmas Snowball. It looks like a Twistmas Cracker but if If you put it in your Monsters room it changes to a snowball and if you click on the snow ball you get a cool snow storm going on…

Twistmas Codes 2013

Twistmas Snowball – ICY33

Twistmas Banner - TWISTMASTIME

Twistmas Kandy Kanes – TWISTYTIME

Snow Machine – MACHINE40

Twistmas Bauble – BAUBLE41

Twistmas Candycane – CANE15

Twistmas Door – DOOR42

Twistmas Floor – FLOOR11

Twistmas Lamp – DEER9

Twistmas Lights – LIGHTS30

Twistmas Scare Bear – TEDDY23

Twistmas Stocking – STOCKING12

Twistmas Tree 2012 – TREE47

Twistmas Wallpaper – PAPER18

Twistmas Window – WINDOW44

Moshi Twistmas Poster – BARFMALLOWS


The Ghost of Twistmas Past – MERRY

The Ghost of Twistmas Future – YULELOG

The Ghost of Twistmas Present – GIFTWRAP

Twistmas Robin - ROBINRED1

Twistmas Door – TWISTDOOR1

Twistmas Window - TWISTWINDOW1

Twistmas Wreath – TWISTWREATH

Twistmas Stocking – STOCKING5

Twistmas Candycane 2012 – CANDYCANE3

Twistmas Toy Soldier – TOYSOLDIER1

We hope you enjoy using these Twistmas Codes 2013 this Christmas and don’t forget to share them with your friends!! Also, let us know what you think of the Moshi Movie which hits our cinemas on the 20th of December. Here is a link to the the Moshi Movie site that tells you about the Movie, the charters and there should be some cool downloads coming real soon!

If we do here anything about the 12 days of Twistmas 2013 this year, any more Twistmas Codes 2013, or anything else we will let you know and hopefully keep you up to date with all the latest Moshi Monsters Codes. Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Monsters – The Movie

As you might have guessed, we are big fans of Moshi Monsters at Fun Kids and we’ve been getting really excited about the new Moshi Monsters – The Movie that’s coming out this Winter! The movie will be out in cinemas on 20th December 2013 and we’ve finally got hold of this sneak peek trailer and it looks awesome! Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Monsters - The Movie

Moshi Monsters – The Movie stars six of your favourite monsters from the Moshi Monsters online game and sees them travel across the weird and wonderful world of Moshi on a fun-filled, roarsome adventure. In the movie Katsuma, Poppet and all the gang travel across the weird and wonderful world of Moshi in a race against time to collect the ransom for an ancient and extremely rare Moshling egg, which has been stolen by the evil Dr Strangeglove.

Michael Acton Smith the CEO at Mind Candy says “We’re excited to launch the first ever Moshi Monsters movie”. This is our first foray into movies and Universal brings the expertise needed to ensure the best possible success. We can’t wait for Moshi to hit the big screen.”

Jocelyn Stevenson is the executive creative producer of Moshi Monsters – The Movie and will be in charge of all the film and TV projects including Moshi TV and Moshi Monsters – The Movie. Jocelyn Stevenson has had a lot of kids TV experience, she has worked on Sesame Street, the Jim Henson Company and was chief creative officer at Hit Entertainment.

And on top of an awesome story there will be Moshlings that you have never seen before!

Moshi Monsters - The Movie

Will you be going to see it? Let us know if you are and what you think of it when you have been to see it – Thanks! We are sure that there will be loads more news about Moshi Monsters – The Movie, so we will try and keep you posted!!

Moshis vs Ghosts

Moshis vs Ghosts is the new series of missions in Moshi Monsters, themed just for Halloween 2013. We don’t know for sure when Moshis vs Ghosts will finish but it may be permanent, like the Great Moshi Beanstalk! If you would like to know more, then read on! Max & Rosie :0)

Moshis vs Ghosts

Here’s the Moshis vs Ghosts Plot…

When the ghost of Dr. Strangeglove’s hand rose from the grave one gloomy Halloween, all it really wanted was to rejoin the doctor… and maybe play a bit of pat-a-cake. But it was not to be. When the ghostly hand saw that he had been replaced by a magical, mechanical glove, he flew into a rage and vowed to take revenge not just on Strangeglove but on ALL the residents of Monstro City!

He scuttled off to Goosebump Manor and, using a dark and dangerous spell, opened a doorway to the next world. Soon, the streets of the city crammed with spooky spectres and ghasty ghouls! It would take a team of monsters with nerves of steal – as well as Tamara Tesla’s high-tech ghost-blasting gear – to put things right again…

Can you beat the mysterious fiend behind Monstro City’s ghost invasion?

Moshi Monsters – Moshis vs Ghosts (Out Now)

All the Parts to Moshis vs Ghosts

Moshis vs Ghosts House 1 – Things That Go Bump in the Night
▪   Part 1 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 2 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 3 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 4 – Glob (Members-Only)
Release Date – October 17th 2013

Moshis vs Ghosts House 2 – The Moshling From the Black Lagoon
▪   Part 1 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 2  – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 3 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 4 – Marsha  (Members-Only)
Release Date – October 24th 2013

Moshis vs Ghosts House 3 – Full Moon Moshling
▪   Part 1 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 2 – Randall  (Members-Only)
Release Date – October 31st (Maybe)

Moshis vs Ghosts House 4 – The Night of Living Moshlings
▪   Part 1 – 100 XP + 100 Rox
▪   Part 2 – Jibbly (Members-Only)
Release Date – November 7th (Maybe)

The Screamies

Here are the four Screamies Moshlings that you will get in Moshis vs Ghosts. Each one it connected to a haunted house. Once you complete the mission related to each haunted house you’ll get the Moshling!


Moshis vs Ghosts

Glob, the Gone-Wrong Blob can be found in the first house in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions, Tamara Tesla’s House. He’s also the Moshling that we first saw in the blurry photo revealed on the Daily Growl.


Moshis vs Ghosts

Marsha, the Boggy Swampling is an uncommon Moshling. She can be found in House 2, the Ghost Ship, on Moshis vs Ghosts.


Moshis vs Ghosts

Randall, the Little Red Riding Wolf is a Rare moshling and can be found in Moshis vs Ghosts House 3, the Cabin in the Woods.


Moshis vs Ghosts

Jibbly, the Dearly-Departed Nibbly is a fantastic zombie Moshling, complete with an animated profile picture where he blinks and dribbles. Jibbly is an Ultra Rare moshling, and you’ll rescue him in House 4, Goosebump Manor.


Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Hey guys! If you are very lucky, you could Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed. Fur will fly in the upcoming new adventure game Katsuma Unleashed, where you’ll jump, spin, dash and bash your way through 6 monsterific worlds packed with battles, baddies and a host of hidden secrets! And guess what? I’ve got some clawsome prizes to give away! Max & Rosie :0)

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Snap a pic or send a video showing Moshi Monsters YOUR best Katsuma impression! The winner will get from the Moshi Monsters guys, a original Katsuma Unleashed artwork, a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of the game! 3 Runners-up will each get their own copy of the game.

Send your entry to before midnight on 24th October 2013.

You must include:
your Monster Owner name and age
• your e-mail address (Mum or Dad’s if you’re under 16)
• your home mailing address, so we know where to send your prizes!

Click here for full terms & conditions. This will take you to the official Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed Moshi Monsters rules page.

How high do you think a Katsuma can kick? We bet Katsuma can kick 1,506 meters high!

Comment below and let us know.

Here is a sneak peak of what Katsuma Unleashed game looks like…

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Watch the Katsuma Unleashed trailer!

Here is what Katsuma Unleashed is all about and FUR WILL FLY!…

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Dr. Strangeglove has kidnapped Elder Furi and plans to force him to reveal the power of Moshi Picchu! You’ll need to rescue him and save the day!

It’s not going to be easy though! On the way there is a whole army of Robot Moshlings to defeat, backed up by some of C.L.O.N.C.’s elite bosses too. Plus you’ll need to rescue the other Moshi Monsters and hunt down all the lost Coin Pieces. Not to mention a whole bunch of Moshlings to collect! So what are you waiting for, let the fur fly!

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Six action pack worlds to explore
Jump, spin, dash and bash your way through 6 monsterific worlds packed with battles, baddies and a host of hidden secrets! From the lowlands of Pirate Bay to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Sillimanjaro and beyond, get ready to discover the farthest reaches of Monstro City.

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Defeat the Robot Moshlings
Fur will fly with epic battles against Dr. Strangeglove’s evil robot Moshlings – an army of dastardly drones sent to stop Katsuma in his tracks. You’ll need all your skills to dodge Robot Blurp’s flying spines, whack Robot DJ Quack, leap over Robot Long Beard and thump as many Glumps as you can!

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Epic boss battles
Prove your skills as you fight your way through epic boss battles. Topple Sweet Tooth from his candy throne, take to the skies in a dogfight with Scare Force One, and rumble in the jungle with Big Chief Tiny Head before taking on the ultimate boss, Dr Strangeglove himself!

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Super Moshi Powers
Unlock amazing superpowers, rescue your Moshi mates and access hidden hero areas and super short­cuts! Once unlocked, you can use your super powers to battle your way though even the toughest levels. Unleash the awesome Zommer eyeball attack, bash through walls with Furi’s smash ability and discover secret areas with Diavlo’s char-vellous flying powers!

Win a Nintendo 3DS and Katsuma Unleashed

Monsterific mini games!
Unleash Katsuma in a multitude of monsterific mini games and unlock exclusive abilities, Rox rewards and Moshlings too! Every mini-game you unlock can be played on its own. Perfect for practising your monster moves!


The Great Moshi Beanstalk

The Great Moshi Beanstalk

MASSIVE NEWS GUYS! The Great Moshi Beanstalk is coming to Moshi Monsters on August 5th. This is perfect time for the summer holidays! But what’s at the top of The Great Moshi Beanstalk? And who spilt the beans? We hope you enjoy it! Max & Rosie :0)

The Great Moshi Beanstalk is due to sprout in Monstro City on August 5th in the Mushroom area of your map – so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean-time, here is the trailer movie…

Roary Scrawl tells us a bit about The Great Moshi Beanstalk in this movie…

We can not wait to see what kind of Moshi surprises are waiting for us at the top of The Great Moshi Beanstalk. We think that there are going to loads! In the trailer it looks like that we are going to get Moshlings and loads of Rox at the top of The Great Moshi Beanstalk. If it is like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk all the gold was protected by a giant! So we could be faced with one of the most difficult Moshi Missions ever!

Let us know what you think might be at the top of The Great Moshi Beanstalk and what Moshi surprises and prizes you are hoping for.

Series 7 Moshlings

Hi Moshi Monster fans! It’s nearly Moshi Monsters Series 7 Moshlings release time! The Series 7 figures are the seventh series of Moshi Monsters figures which will be released on July 26th 2013. Moshi Monsters are doing a countdown up to the release date, revealing the new  Series 7 Moshlings on by one.

If you keep checking back here, day-by-day, as the new Moshling are introduced, we will post the full pictures of them below. Max & Rosie :0)

Series 7 Moshlings

If you pre-order you Series 7 Moshlings before 20th July 2013 you will receive them on the actual launch day! Even better thatn that, you will also get a Moshi Monsters exclusive Sticker pack.

There two different ways to buy Series 7 Moshlings. You can either get the Series 7 Moshlings Blind Bag where you can collect your favourite Moshling characters! In the bag you will get two different Series 7 Moshlings and a Character Card with a secret code for free Rox!

The other way is to buy a Series 7 Moshlings Figures Pack. The Moshling Figures Pack comes with four Series 7 Moshlings, one surprise Series 7 Moshling and a secret code for a free in-game item.

Here we go! This is the countdown to the Series 7 Moshlings!!!

Series 7 Moshlings

YoYo Moshling

Not to be confused with Hoxy Foxies, Creative Coyotes love making things, from yoghurt pot rockets to sausage skin legwarmers. When they’re not busy starting new trends, these hip little Moshlings enjoy painting silly slogans on walls by dipping their bushy tails in paint. Swish!

Series 7 Moshlings

Ruby Scribblez Moshling

Ruby Scribblez is an editor for Shrillboard Magazine and a self-made expert on all things Moshi. She is known to be a trend-master and an editor on the Daily Growl, mostly blogging about real-world Moshi Monster Item News and Reviews. She looks like a female monster version of Dr. C. Fingz.

Series 7 Moshlings

Hocus Moshling

Many Moons ago these scatterbrained Moshlings would entertain Moshi royalty with jaw dropping feats of magic. But one fateful day a jealous king made their hats all wonky causing them to forget their spells. Thankfully Wonky Wowzers can still perform using their enchanted curled up wands but only on days beginning with Z.

Series 7 Moshlings

Hoolio Moshling

Hoolio the Creepy Crooner is a Mexican skeleton Moshling. He plays an acoustic guitar who wears a top hat and suit. When clicked, Hoolio will play his guitar but his head will fall off. He is unreleased but his set is known, he is in the Roxstars.

Series 7 Moshlings

Lummox Moshling

Lummox the Humongous Hogsnorter is an unreleased Moshling in the Sporties category. He is a bull with two blue horns, brown hair, a heart tattoo, spike bands and a peice of teared cloth around his waist.

Series 7 Moshlings

Stashley Snoozer Moshling

Stashley Snoozer sleeps. ALOT. He has been seen on Main Street and lets Monstro City know about Moshi Monsters Membership. Stashley Snoozer’s name represents his personality by being a sloppy, snoozy sleeper. He has skin coloured face, moustache and always sleeps with an open mouth. He usually wears a green uniform, dark green book and wild eyed brown hair.

Series 7 Moshlings

Nimbus Moshling

Nimbus is a cloud character who lives in Cloud City. They create Supercharged Wurley in Super Moshi Mission 3,Strangeglove from Above and also give you the Radiant RedLobster Phone in the Super Moshi Mission Somewhere Clover The Rainbow. It is unknown what gender they are but are commonly considered female because of how their voice sounds, etc.

Series 7 Moshlings

Jeepers Moshling

These adorable Moshlings really have earned their stripes. That’s because they spend ages painting them on using inka-inka juice, squeezed from rare thumpkin seeds. Sadly the jungle is green, not yellow and stripy. When they’re not slopping hopeless camouflage around, Snuggly Tiger Cubs love sharpening their claws and licking old swoonafish cans.

Series 7 Moshlings

Raffles Moshling

Hide your valuables and lock up your socks because Sneaky TeaLeafs just can’t resist pinching things. But don’t worry, these reformed crooks always hand back their loot. They’ve even been known to sneak into houses and put things back where they found ‘em, especially odd socks, before wiping up any paw prints with their bushy tails.

Series 7 Moshlings

Roy G. Biv Moshling

Roy G. Biv is a character who comes to Monstro City once a year. The only day he comes to Monstro City is Roy G. Biv Day. He is known to have several tricks but needs names for them. When he arrives, Monstro City becomes very brighter. He also puts rainbows all over the island. Users who honour Roy G. Biv often put rainbow coloured furniture in their room, and fill their room with bright colours. Some people send gifts to wish people good luck and to have a bright colourful world.

Series 7 Moshlings

Scrambles/Yolka Moshling

Scrambles is an egg Moshling who was originally going to take the place of Yolka in the Munchies set. Scrambles and Yolka were both combined in order to create the Moshling Yolka.

Series 7 Moshlings

Mr Meowford Moshling

Mr Meowford may look like any old fisherman, but he is in fact the Lord of Catberly Manor, working undercover. This posh pussycat doesn’t need to work, but when he was a kitten he took up fishing for a school project. The young kitty found it so enjoyable that he turned his back on his pampered puss life and has spent his days fishing ever since!

Series 7 Moshlings

Uncle Scallops Moshling

Rumoured to have once ruled the lost city of Splatlantis, Cranky Codfathers are now better known for prodding passers-by with their plastic tridents. Well you’d be cranky too if you spent all day helping Moshlings across the road. Yep, that’s right, these fishy fellas work as crossing guards on busy Haddock Highway.

Series 7 Moshlings

Tamara Tesla

Tamara Tesla is probably the cleverest resident in Monstro City. She used to live in a place called Variable Valley. She set up a lab over at The Observatory at The Port, where she invents puzzles for the Daily Challenge as well as useful inventions.

Series 7 Moshlings

Marcel Moshling

Ooh la laa! Say ‘allo to the snippy-snappy Moshlings who aim to displease and can’t resist being phenomenally rude. And that’s strange most Uppity Croc Monsieurs work as waiters and butlers around the world of Moshi. So if you find a gutterfly on your soup, keep it to yourself or prepare for an Uppity telling off. Merci!

Series 7 Moshlings

Roary Scrawl

Roary Scrawl is the editor of the Daily Growl and he is also one of the judges in the Underground Disco along with Simon Growl and Tyra Fangs. When you first join Moshi Monsters, he sends you a welcome gift to welcome you to Monstro City. Roary Scrawl is in love with Tyra Fangs.

How do I get Moshlings?

How do I get Moshlings?

How do I get Moshlings? This must be the most popular question we are asked on Moshi Monsters Codes, so we have put together this How do I get Moshlings? guide. We thought it would be a good idea to do it in time for the summer holidays, to help Moshi fans new & old, to get Moshlings! Max & Rosie :0)

How do I get Moshlings?

There are lots of different ways to get Moshlings in Moshi Monsters including:

• Entering a special code
• By completing Super Moshi Missions
• Attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden by planting seeds
• Collecting and Hatching Moshling Eggs

How do I get Moshlings?

Entering a special code

There are a few Moshlings in Moshi Monsters that need one time use codes for a special seed. These are special flowers and special codes. Moshlings like: Dustbin Beaver, Shambles, Blingo and more need a code from Moshi merchandise like books, games and stuff. Enter that code you get on your Moshi Monsters toy package, book or game, and if you do get a Moshling seed, plant it with ANY other two seeds, wait for 6 hours and your Moshling will be ready for you to collect from your Moshling Zoo!

How do I get Moshlings?

By completing Super Moshi Missions

Most months, Moshi Monsters releases a new mission. At the end of each mission or at the end of a lot of Super Moshi mini missions, Moshi Monsters gives you a Moshling to keep in your Moshling Zoo. There are lots of Moshi missions, so there are lots of Moshlings for you to get this way!

How do I get Moshlings?

Attract Moshlings to your Moshling Garden by planting seeds

Planting Seeds in the moshling garden is the most popular way to catch Moshlings. You plant your seeds in your Moshling garden and they grow into different types of flowers in lots different colours. If you get the right combination then you’ll attract a Moshling. Some Moshlings are easy to attract but others will only be attracted if the flowers are the correct colour. Flowers take up to 6 hours to grow, so you need lots of patience or plant them in the morning and come back later in the day. Something we have found is that the happier your monster is, the faster your flowers will grow.

You can buy seeds for flowers from the Seed Cart on Main Street in Monstro City. Once you’ve bought some seeds, go to your garden and click on your seed pouch, then you drag seeds out of the pouch and on to one of the brown soil areas in you Moshling Garden. Then it’s time to patient to see what type of flowers you will grow. If you get the right combination of flowers, you will see a Moshling walk into your garden. To get the Moshling, click on it to add it to your home, or Zoo if you are a member of Moshi Monsters. If your flower combination has not worked and you don’t get a Moshling, you will see a bird in the tree, he is The Cluekoo and he will give you some tips about how to get the combination right.

How do I get Moshlings?

There are 8 different kinds of flower seeds. These are:

• Hot Silly Peppers
• Dragon Fruit
• Star Blossom
• Mood Orchid
• Magic Beans
• Love Berries

The last two are ‘Super Seeds’ for members only
• Snap Apples
• Crazy Daisy

There are also 6 different possible flower colours:
• Purple
• Blue
• Black
• Pink
• Red
• Yellow

CLICK HERE to read our Moshling Flower Combinations guide.

Hatching Moshling Eggs?

Collecting and Hatching Moshling Eggs

Keep your eyes out on Main Street for Moshi Monsters releasing a Moshling Egg! In the Moshling Egg will be a Moshling, but you don’t know who it will be until it hatches. You pick up the Moshling Egg and take it to your Moshling Garden. Each day you have to click it three times, then after seven days of clicking three times you will get a Moshling!

We hope that you have found this guide useful. Now when a Moshi Monsters fan asks you, How do I get Moshlings? then you will be able to tell them! Good luck! and check back soon for more guides, codes and news!

Win A Family Pass to Chessington World of Adventures

Hey guys we have great news for Moshi Monsters UK fans! You can Win A Family Pass to Chessington World of Adventures between 20 July and 18 August, 2013, Chessington World of Adventures is having a Puzzle Palace Challenge! Visit the park and play brain-boggling, mind-mangling puzzles, meet the Moshi Monsters and earn Rox! Max & Rosie :0)

Win A Family Pass to Chessington World of Adventures

To celebrate, the Moshi Monsters guys are challenging all Moshi fans to design their own puzzle! It could be a riddle, word scramble or even a word search! The one that has the Moshi Monsters guys giddy with excitement will win a family day pass to Chessington World of Adventures, £50 in Moshi goodies, and a private character meet and greet with all 6 larger than life Moshi Monsters!

Draw, sketch or collage your puzzle entry and send it to before midnight on 14th July 2013. You must include:

• Your Monster Owner name and age

• Your e-mail address (Mum or Dad’s if you’re under 16)

• Your home mailing address and telephone number, so we know where to send your prizes!

Click here for full terms & conditions.