Moshling Collectors Guide

Wooohoooo! The Moshling Collectors Guide is cool, it’s full of hints and tips to catch loads of little Moshlings roaming wild and packed full of stories from Buster Bumblechops – we love it!!! Max & Rosie :0)

If you want to be a Moshlings expert then this fantastic Moshling Collector’s Guide is the perfect book for you.

Monstro City’s top Moshling collector, Buster Bumblechops, shares his tips on collecting all the little Moshlings roaming wild in the world of Moshi Monsters!

Buster is the ultimate collector and this awesome book is packed full of his stories from years of Moshlings tracking. Find out how to plant the right seeds to attract Moshlings, and how to keep them entertained once you’ve adopted them!

As well as Buster Bumblechop’s collector’s notes the guide contains a collector’s poster, extracts from his diary & an exclusive secret Moshling!

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