How to get Shambles Moshling

How to get Shambles Moshling

How to get Shambles Moshling: We are sure all you Moshi Monsters members will have seen that there is a new slot in your Moshling Zoo. If you look under the Mythies set  in your Moshling Zoo there is room for a new moshling called Shambles.

Shambles the Scrappy Chappy is a Moshling in the Mythies set along with Scarlet O’Haira and Jessie. He is purple with blue arms, legs and ears.

If you think that this Moshling looks like it’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, that is because it probably has! Shambles just loves the dangerous extreme sport of hedge diving. The little guy just loves nibbling other monsters’ ears as well as his own ears! Max & Rosie :0)

How to get Shambles Moshling

There is a new range of Moshi Mash-Up trading cards from Topps called ‘Code Breakers’ – and there is a special Shambles code card hidden inside lucky packets! The code will give you a Scrappy Shrub seed which you’ll find in your pouch when you go into your garden – not in the chest in your room.

You plant the Scrappy Shrub seed with any other two seeds and when you check back once your seeds have grown you’ll see they’ve attracted Shambles so you can add him to your Zoo.

It looks like the you will only be aloud to use the code for Shambles once so once the code has been entered it won’t work again so you won’t be able to share it with your friends and we will not be able to share it with you here. If we do here of another way to get Shambles Moshling, then we will let you know straight away!

How to get Shambles Moshling – the movie!

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