How To Buy Clothes For Your Moshi Monster

Here’s a quick guide on how to buy clothes for your Moshi Monster. Follow this and you can make them look supercool really easy, then show them off to your friends. Max & Rosie :0)

Of course every Moshi Monster wants to look its best. What better way than with some supercool clothes! To find the clothes shop, go to Sludge Street, which is behind Main Street. Look for a building with a sign saying Marketplace. Click on the building to get clothes.

There are different clothes for each type of Moshi Monster, as some Moshi Monsters are different shapes and sizes to others.

Clothes for Katsuma and Poppet will fit each other.

Clothes for Luvli and Diavlo also fit each other.

Once you have purchased the clothes that you want, go back to the map and look for the house with washing hanging outside, called the Dress Up Room. Inside you can drag the clothes onto your Moshi Monster to dress them up – COOL!

One thought on “How To Buy Clothes For Your Moshi Monster

  1. Can you post some codes for them? Im REALLY broke, or if you are the owner of moshi monsters, can i get 50,00000 rox? i would be VERY happy if that happened! :D

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