Moshi Monsters Masks

Moshi Monsters Masks are cool! all you need to do is print out, colour in, then cut out and pretend to be your favorite Moshi Monster! 

So, click on the Moshi Monster you like and it should go really big on your screen. You can then, right click, save it to your computer and print it out – then get colouring-in!

Don’t forget to ask a adult to help you cut out your Moshi Monsters Masks. Also you might need some help sticking some string on your Moshi Monsters Mask to keep it on your head. We hope you have as much fun as we did making your Monsters Mask!

Max & Rosie :0)

Luvli Mask

Luvli is the last and most fashionable pet. They tend to be spoiled and want their own way sometimes, but overall, they’re cute pets to have, as long as you let them take control every once in a while.

Moshi Monsters Masks

Katsuma Mask

Katsuma is a mixture of a cat and rabbit. They are the most active pets, but they tend to get sick often. As long as you feed them and play with them, they will be happy.

Moshi Monsters Masks

Furi Mask

Furi is the most grumbly pet, but they can be very happy if treated right. If you leave them alone, though, they will get angry. Their health will go down after a while, so take care of them.

Moshi Monsters Masks

Diavlo Mask

Diavlo is the most mischievous pet, however, they do tend to get a bit fiery. It’s OK to leave them for a day or two, because these are the strongest pets in terms of health.

Moshi Monsters Masks

Zommer Mask

Zommer is a zombie. They are the easiest pet to take care of, but their happiness will go down in a while. Feed them a lot, though, because they tend to get very hungry.

Moshi Monsters Masks

Poppet Mask

Poppet is the most playful and loyal pet. They also might be the cutest pet, as some people say. They are nearly always happy and love it when you tickle them.

Moshi Monsters Masks

CLICK HERE for some Moshi Monsters to colour in! Max & Rosie :0)

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