Moshi Monsters Fast Facts

Here are some Moshi Monsters Fast Facts we hope you enjoy reading them. As you can see Moshi Monsters is MASSIVE! all around the world and it is no suprise really becasue it is such a cool game. Max & Rosie :0)

Moshi Monsters Fast Facts

Moshi Monsters Fast Facts

Over 70 million Moshi Monsters have been adopted in over 150 countries worldwide roughly a third in the UK, a third in the US and a third across the rest of the world!

 Moshi Monsters magazine is the #1 best selling monthly kids magazine in the UK, having doubled circulation figures in a year. It also ranks at number 26 in the ‘ABC Top 100 Magazines’ ahead of Grazia, Marie Claire and Men’s Health. (Source: ABC Aug 2012)

Moshi Monsters was ranked the number 1 licensed property in the UK in October 2012! (Source: NPD YTD)

The debut music album ‘Moshi Monsters: Music Rox!’ made #4 in the UK charts ahead of Madonna and Lost Prophets!

45 million collectible Moshling figurines from toy partner Vivid have been sold to date ranking them as the #1 collectible toys in the UK.

Over 170 million Moshi Monsters Topps Trading Cards have been sold to date. It’s the #2 trading card collection in the UK!

The debut Moshi Nintendo DS title ‘Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo’ topped the charts in the UK for 23 consecutive weeks! Becoming the longest ever #1 in Nintendo DS™ chart history by knocking Nintendo’s Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training from the top spot.

The ‘Ultimate Moshlings Collectors Guide’ from Penguin books made top 5 in the UK book charts.

Over $100 million worth of Moshi Monsters physical products were sold in 2011.

Moshi Monsters has over 130 licensing partners worldwide and is now available at retail within the US, Australia & New Zealand, Nordics, Benelux, Poland, Israel, Dubai and South Africa!

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  3. I am moshi monsters number 1fan and I love moshi monsters online world add me as a friend maryellen2544 I am a member and I would just like to say who ever made moshi monsters I love you and I love the magazines you get little suprizes in them they are sooooo cute and micro moshi are the cutest things ever

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