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Moshi Monsters CodesWelcome to Moshi Monsters Codes, we are Max & Rosie we are brother and sister and Moshi Monsters Fans! We asked our Dad if he would help us set up a website all about Moshi Monsters and he said yes! so here we are :0)

It all started when our Dad bought us both Moshi Monsters membership cards and now we are hooked! We help each other play the game and lots of our friends play the game too. With a Moshi Monsters Membership you can make new friends, become a Super Moshi, add extra rooms to your house, visit the Games Starcade, Underground Disco, go to Gift Island, the Moshling Zoo, Moshi Port and get more ROX near Potion Ocean!

We hope you like our Moshi Monsters Codes website and come back to see us lots! We will put new things on here to help you play Moshi Monsters, show you Moshi Monsters things Dad has bought us and Moshi Monsters things we have seen and would like Dad to buy us. See you soon. Max & Rosie :0)

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The Great Twistmas Giveaway

To help us celebrate Christmas this year Moshi Monsters are doing The Great Twistmas Giveaway. Moshi Monsters are giving us a new secret code every day as part of The Great Twistmas Giveaway until the 5th of January, so that loads of Moshi Monsters codes for all of us Moshi Monsters fans.

The Great Twistmas Giveaway

The Great Twistmas Giveaway is on the part of the Moshi Monsters game when you log in everyday. If you have missed one though do not worry because we will be posting them on this page so you do not miss any of the cool Moshi Monsters codes.

‘Twas the day before Twistmas and all through the city
There was snow on the ground and the shops looked so pretty
The volcano went BOOM and the Twistmassy streets
Were suddenly strewn with goopendous free treats!

Here are The Great Twistmas Giveaway Codes…

Day 1: Chocolate Poppet – FAIRYLIGHTS

Day 2: 50 Rox – STOCKING

Day 3: Chocolate Katsuma – CAROLSINGER

Day 4: Hocus Crocus Seed – ICICLES

Day 5: The Ghost of Twistmas Future – YULELOG

Day 6: The Ghost of Twistmas Past – MERRY

Day 7: The Ghost of Twistmas Present – GIFTWRAP

Day 8: Melting Snowman – CHIMNEY

Day 9: Splurgee Burdock Seed – SNOWFLAKE

Day 10: 50 Rox – TINSEL

Day 11: Non-Drip Moss Seed – REDNOSE

Day 12: 50 Rox – NORTHPOLE

Day 13: Iced Hoodoo – NORTHSTAR

Day 14: Glamellia Seed – 2014

Day 15: New Year Banner 2014 – PRESENTS

Day 16: 50 Rox – MINCEPIES

Day 17: Ra-Tichoke Seed – SNOWBALL

Day 18: 50 Rox – REINDEER

Don’t forget to tell your friends about these cool Christmas codes and whatever you do this Christmas, make sure you have a great time and we hope you get lots and lots of cool presents!!! Max & Rosie :0)

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